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Conceptualizing and Preparing an Architectural Program

During this early stage we will characterize your kitchen based on your business needs, and prepare a preliminary program to address them. Below are some of the issues we will consider:

  • Will this business handle dairy / meat / vegetarian / vegan food?
  • Will this business be kosher?
  • Is this an independent business, or is it a franchise subject to chain instructions?
  • How many diners is the establishment planning to host?
  • Where is it located? What kind of crowd will the business attract?
  • What kind of atmosphere would we like to create? Open-plan or hidden kitchen?
  • How are serving and delivery carried out?
  • What will be the days and times of operation?

Once the concept is established we move on to the design program. The program will take into account the preferences and working style of the client and their chef. We will then lay out a timetable for planning and constructions, and manage expectations to make sure both we and the client are on the same page.

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