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Preparing a Documentation File for Conservation Buildings

Food establishments set up in buildings designated for conservation are required to prepare a documentation file before construction works commence, as part of the permit requirements. My office works with documentation file specialists.

Documentation files include:

  • An historical study of the site including a written survey, maps, documents, photographs and aerial photographs.
  • An historical review of earlier urban plans.
  • An architectural review of the existing structure and of any changes that may have been made over the years.
  • Site Evaluation: used to determine whether the site has special social, architectural, or urban values.

In addition, a designated conservation measurement, as well as a construction survey prepared by an engineer are required. The survey is meant to document the current condition of the structure and to document its construction elements.

The documentation file and its recommendations serve as a database and are not meant to make any legal and/or planning decisions. It is up to

the conservation committee and/or the competent planning bodies to determine statutory permits and to provide relevant guidelines.

Conservation structures are valuable. Proper documentation of the structure allows to renovate the building optimally while conserving original elements and repurposing them optimally.

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